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Blogs are a great way to learn more detail about products and services of Village Hub businesses. Anyone who has ventured into starting a business or has weathered the economic storms for years has a broad expertise and passion for their chosen industry and profession. From current fashion to lawn care tips, blogs give shoppers a place to become well informed to make the best buying decisions whether you’re choosing a doctor, mechanic, fitness trainer or a place to eat or shop.

Save the Date - Backyard Beekeeping Course!

On Saturday, October 26, Eileen and Chris Khol of Sweet Valley Hives will be hosting a 1-day backyard beekeeping workshop at The Lands at Hillside Education Center in Shavertown. The course will cover many introductory topics, including the three most popular beekeeping techniques: Langstroth, Top Bar, and Warre. A $10 donation per person is suggested.

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Honeybee Memories

The beginnings of my fascination with Honeybees... Way back in late 1973 my dad and his brothers invested in an old farm. On the farm was an old house loaded with all sorts of remnants from days gone by. None however sparked my interest more than the nest of Honeybees that had taken up residence between the first and second floors. Their presence filled the old farm house with a distinct aroma, one that I had never experienced.

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Let the Bees Do the Work!

"I love the idea of Honeybees. I'd like to have them around visiting my plants, I probably wouldn't mind having a little of the honey they produce from time to time. I just don't want to get into the whole Beekeeping thing!"

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2 Common Questions

As a new beekeeper I remember the 2 pressing questions to which I wanted answers:

What do bees do during the winter?

How do you know how much honey to take?

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A Tale of Two Hives

In late April we installed 2 new colonies on a warm sunny Saturday around noon. within 24 hours the weather would turn drastically colder. It was the best of days, and it was the worst of days. Rain and even snow would fall off and on for the next 5 - 7 days. New colonies in an empty hive with nothing to eat, and too cold to go outside and forage were in grave danger of starvation. After 3 days of the nasty weather we concocted a fondant like substance and placed it on the propolis screen (just under the quilt box.) The colonies were clusterd tightly on the top slats to keep their newly released queen warm. The placement of the fondant allowed them to eat without having to break this cluster. I'm happy to report that both hives weathered the .... weather.

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Why I Raise Honey Bees

I have been in sales most of my adult life. I have sold some really innovative products, and I've been asked to represent some products that were.. shall we say.. less than innovative. I have now placed myself squarely into the arena of "selling" the concept of raising Honeybees. Can you imagine (the late) Billy Mays pitching this product? "That's right, you too can have a wooden box full of 30,000 stinging insects right in your back yard!" Who would even consider this? Well, I would, and did.

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Swarm! Swarm!

George Costanza is stealing a book from Brentano's! My apologies to any non-Seinfeld fans, but I felt obliged to mention it. But, in the spirit of Jerry Seinfeld, I would like to ask, "What's the deal with swarming?" I can tell you from personal experience that it's a great way to increase the number of hives in your apiary.

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Why Warre?

So why Warre-style hives? I could offer a snarky response of "Why not Warre Hives?" but I'd rather look at some of the reasons why people don't want to get involved in raising Honey bees in the first place. I think it's safe to say that the majority of us are truly concerned with the environmental well-being of our planet. The Honey bee supports some of the foundational health of our planet.

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