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Blogs are a great way to learn more detail about products and services of Village Hub businesses. Anyone who has ventured into starting a business or has weathered the economic storms for years has a broad expertise and passion for their chosen industry and profession. From current fashion to lawn care tips, blogs give shoppers a place to become well informed to make the best buying decisions whether you’re choosing a doctor, mechanic, fitness trainer or a place to eat or shop.

The best price for your gold from Wyoming Valley's oldest family owned jeweler

Selling unused, broken or unwanted gold sounds simple enough –Take your jewelry pieces to the nearest gold buyer, get a price for your gold, and walk out with cash.

But how do you know that you got a fair price? Radio ads, billboards and loud street signs tell you why you should choose Joe Shmo’s Gold Buying over Cousin Steve’s Pawn Shop. So how do you know your getting the best price?

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The Latest Trend in Jewelry: Sideways Cross

They’re popping up everywhere. Kourtney Kardashian, Kelly Ripa, Jennifer Lopez... they’re all wearing the sideways cross necklace and we think they look fabulous! 

Nobody’s quite sure who started wearing it first, but the fresh twist on a classic design has been favored by Hollywood’s biggest stars. It’s simple, yet elegant.

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