Improve Your Body

Summer is a great opportunity to start checking off everything you’ve been putting off all year, including getting your body in shape. While there’s nothing wrong with a little Rest & Relaxation, it’s important not to let that mindset become a routine.

Head Trainer Perry Coolbaugh of PAC Fitness is a certified strength and conditioning coach dedicated to providing intense fitness training at an affordable price. Coolbaugh believes in training together to achieve the same vigor and strength as pack of wolves.
Working toward a goal as a group is better than going solo for many reasons: motivation, accountability, even a healthy sense of competition can work for your benefit.

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Fitness in Flexibility

Greatly improve your fitness and resistance to injury by stretching twice a day.

A flexible body is a prepared one.
 The muscles around joints need to be kept loose and nimble for normal blood flow and healthy production of synovial fluid, the body’s natural lubricant between joints. 
Many have found that thorough stretching helps in pain relief cramped muscles lead to tension on the joints and pulls them out of line.

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Work to Fail

Striving for failure? It sounds counterproductive, right?

 At PAC Fitness, we try to fail every day, and I will explain why.

 Each time we push our bodies to the point of total depletion, when we are out of breath, out of strength and sometimes even our stomachs are out of us, we are putting our bodies at ground zero. From there, they can only be built higher. 

Spending time in and getting used to the feeling of physical failure familiarizes us with it.

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You Gotta Eat

As much as you can afford, if you are engaged in a high octane cardio or muscle-shredding exercise, you should be eating. Fruits and vegetables, raw if you can, are loaded with vitamins to promote muscle health. Chicken and fish have healthy protein for muscle reconstruction after a tough workout. Although it’s high in protein like fish and chicken, avoid steak, ground beef and other red meat. High in fat, cholesterol and a type of iron that has been linked to diabetes.

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