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Do You Need Bifocals?

Do you find yourself holding reading material at an arm's length in order to see the words clearly? Do you ever find yourself asking someone else to read the directions on the back of the box for you?

The eyes are hard working organs, and over many years of serving as your body’s primary sense, they tend to wear down. The aging of the eyes is called Presbyopia.

 A healthy pair of eyes has the ability to effortlessly switch focus between near and distant objects. However, the elasticity in the eye lessens over time, making a smooth transition between distances difficult. Some signs that you may be acquiring this disease could be any of the following:

•Constant headaches

•Holding reading material at an armslength

•Trouble adjusting focus between objects close-up and far away

•Experiencing headaches, eyestrain or eye fatigue when performing up-close tasks, like reading or writing

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms regularly, you may need bifocals. Bifocals can be difficult to get the hang of, but most people endure the adjusting period and are very pleased with their bifocal lenses.