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There’s More than Meets the Eye

You’ve heard the phrase “the eyes are the window to the soul”, but how much can you really tell by looking into someone’s eyes? According to recent studies, we can learn quite a bit from our eyes!

Watching the eye movements of a person may signify whether or not they are answering you with honest responses. It is believed that a person looking to the right as he or she is speaking is retrieving information from an existing memory, while if looking to the left, the response is coming from a thought that is currently being constructed. With this theory in mind, it is believed that a person who is lying will look to the left as they construct a made-up scenario on the spot, but with an honest response, a person will look to the right, remembering an actual event.

At this time, the observations are nothing more than theories with plenty of loopholes. For instance, if a person is left handed, the eye movement meanings are reversed. And of course, you should first understand a person’s behavior before accusing him or her of lying based on which direction he or she looked when you asked a question.

While it is just a theory at this time, it can be an interesting at-home test. Ask someone to name the color of his or her childhood home- if the theory is correct, your subject will look right as he or she recalls this information from memory. On the other hand, if you ask that person to imagine a castle in the sky, the theory predicts that he or she will look to the left as the image is being constructed in his or her mind.