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Blogs are a great way to learn more detail about products and services of Village Hub businesses. Anyone who has ventured into starting a business or has weathered the economic storms for years has a broad expertise and passion for their chosen industry and profession. From current fashion to lawn care tips, blogs give shoppers a place to become well informed to make the best buying decisions whether you’re choosing a doctor, mechanic, fitness trainer or a place to eat or shop.

Holiday Contact Lense Sale

Even Santa’s late nights are no match for Acuvue® Oasys® contact lenses. Now through December 13, visit O’Donnell Family Eye Care for a sale on Acuvue® Oasys® and Acuvue® Oasys® for Astigmatism contact lenses. These smooth, hydrated lenses that protect against UV-A and UV-B radiation provide hours of comfortable wear without drying out.

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Thank You For Nominating O’Donnell For NEPA Family Favorites!

Thanks to the support of our wonderful patients, O’Donnell Family Eye Care has been nominated for this year’s NEPA Family Favorites Awards- and we’ve been voted into the finals!

NEPA Family Favorites Awards celebrates local favorites like restaurants, services and specialists in Northeast PA by holding this competition each year, featuring the winners in the January/February issue of NEPA Family. 

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Do You Need Bifocals?

Do you find yourself holding reading material at an arm's length in order to see the words clearly? Do you ever find yourself asking someone else to read the directions on the back of the box for you?

The eyes are hard working organs, and over many years of serving as your body’s primary sense, they tend to wear down. The aging of the eyes is called Presbyopia.

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Hand-Eye Coordination

When someone says an athlete has “great hand-eye coordination”, they’re referring to the speed and accuracy with which information received by the eyes directs the movement of the hands.

While it’s often talked about in regard to quick reflexes in sports, this function is actually a major component of our everyday activities. Being a constant factor of our every move, the fascinating process of hand-eye coordination is often overlooked. 

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There’s More than Meets the Eye

You’ve heard the phrase “the eyes are the window to the soul”, but how much can you really tell by looking into someone’s eyes? According to recent studies, we can learn quite a bit from our eyes!

Watching the eye movements of a person may signify whether or not they are answering you with honest responses. It is believed that a person looking to the right as he or she is speaking is retrieving information from an existing memory, while if looking to the left, the response is coming from a thought that is currently being constructed.

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What if You Left Your Contacts in for a Year?

You're taking a huge risk! Contact lenses offer great convenience if they are properly maintained, but one woman got carried away when she left her contacts in for over a year. Amy had no idea that she was choking her eyes by keeping contact lenses between them and necessary oxygen. Our lungs aren’t the only organs taking in oxygen.

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Test for Computer Vision Syndrome

Few area optometrists offer the PRIO system to test for Computer Vision Syndrome. Fortunately, Dr. O’Donnell is one of them. This creative testing apparatus simulates a real computer screen and allows Dr. O’Donnell to examine precisely how your eyes work as they read from a computer screen.

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Keep Contact Lenses from Drying Out

Soft lenses are made up mostly of water; some even contain up to 79 percent water. Wearers like them because they are soft and allow oxygen to pass through, making them hardly noticeable. But, we don’t realize that the lenses are like a sponge. As the surface of the contact lens dries out, it absorbs moisture from the eyeball.

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