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What Are We Feeding Our Pets

The prevalence of pet food recalls in recent times has consumers, or shall we say “petsumers”, questioning what we are feeding our pets. Even some of the more expensive brands were involved in these recalls, causing grave concern among dog and cat owners.
As Americans, we have the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and US Department of Agriculture, but these agencies don’t make it a priority to question what is in the best interests of our fur kids. In fact, AAFCO standards allow even the poorest quality of ingredients to make it both into the food and onto the market. And, according to FDA compliance policies, pet food ingredients can include meat from diseased, dying, disabled, and dead animals, which often contain bacteria, carcinogens and other harmful chemicals. None of these things are required to appear on package labels. This knowledge alone should give us all pause. What are we feeding our pets?