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Introducing Dr. Mercado and Extended Hours

Back Mountain Backs has grown to include a third doctor:
Dr.Rhyan Mercado

Dr. Mercado treats patients of all ages and specializes in treatments for headaches, neck pain, back pain and sciatica. Plus, his schedule at our Tunkhannock office allows us to offer extended hours. Evening appointments on Monday and Thursday are now available as well as appointments on Saturday morning.

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Start Your Day With The Essentials

Want to look younger, feel better, and refuel your body to get the maximum strength and vigor? We’re all on a quest to be at our peak potential, but one simple way is to ensure that we provide our bodies with the vitamins and supplements we need. That’s why Back Mountain Backs recommend the Essential Nutrition Pack.

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Multivitamin & Biofreeze Special

Improves Physical and Mental Condition
Multivitamin/mineral supplements are considered by most a starting point for nutritional supplementation. Multivitamins are beneficial because we know that the modern diet is lacking in key micronutrients and because domesticated vegetable and fruits are less nutrient dense than their wild counterparts.

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Let Us Set Things Straight

We’ve changed our name to Back Mountain Backs and we’re excited to share the news with you. As many of you know, we’ve been operating under two names: Chiropractic & Rehab Associates of Dallas, PC and Tunkhannock Chiropractic, LLC. While we’re proud of both names, having two names could be confusing to our patients, at times. So we selected a name that we think is easy to remember and gives us the ability to grow.

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Lavish Your Heart With Love!

Energize it with CoQ10
• Lower blood pressure
• Fight the effects of aging
• Decrease muscle pain
• Improve energy levels
• Maintain muscle health

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